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Happy to 102

Happy to 102 (now available on

This first book of our wellness collection focuses on the factors contributing to healthy longevity. Since we’re living longer and longer, making those later years healthy ones is increasingly important. Happy to 102 explains the approach to diet, exercise, mental stimulation, social connectedness, and purpose which can mean a delay or avoidance of diseases like cancer, heart disease, bone loss, diabetes, and dementia.

To write this book, we scoured research on successful aging and presented the essentials of living well and enjoying all our years.

The Handbook of Live-In Care

The Handbook of Live-In Care (now available on

Looking for clear, practical advice on caring for an aging parent or loved one? The Handbook of Live-In Care, the second book in our collection, offers useful help. Whether you are new to care-giving or a veteran, this book has benefits for you. While caring for an older adult is challenging, helping a person stay in the comfort of their own surroundings and maintain maximum independence can mean empowering your loved one to a greater sense of control and purpose. Older adults who retain a sense of purpose and dignity have a more solid sense of well-being, a crucial aspect of living well, regardless of a chronic condition, frailty, or forgetfulness. The Handbook of Live-In Care offers the first definitive guide to maximizing the quality of life for an older adult.

From Hospital to Home Care

From Hospital to Home Care (now available on
Our third book in our healthy longevity collection focuses on what to do when you, or a loved one, return to the comforts of home from a hospital stay. Often, families are unprepared for the increased care needs and the recent patient is unaware of the extent to which the hospital supported everyday functioning. Additionally, seniors may be very concerned about their ability to suddenly stay safely at home alone, in their weakened state, post surgery or illness. From Hospital to Home Care helps families navigate the discharge process and consider various care options post discharge.

The Five Senses

The Five Senses (now available on

Fourth in our award-winning senior wellness collection, The Five Senses provides insights and concrete advice to assist older adults in coping with the changes in sensory awareness that often come with aging. Our sense organs are vulnerable to medication side effects, chronic conditions, stroke, and even habits of a lifetime.

Since we experience the world through our senses, managing altered abilities will be fundamental to successful, satisfactory aging. The Five Senses gives an overview of potential changes and offers practical guidance for maintaining quality of life in the face of actual changes in perception. As always, our goal is to give seniors and families the information they need to help loved ones stay independent and live comfortably in their own homes as they age.

Mind Over Grey Matter

Mind Over Grey Matter: A New Approach to Dementia Care (now available on

Mind Over Grey Matter, like the others in our series, is based on respected research and evidence of best practices.

Many people are caring for an older adult with dementia. This care giving can be rewarding and very challenging. The nature of a brain disease means each experience is unique. Mind Over Grey Matter offers enormously helpful and practical advice. People with dementia deserve the best quality of life possible; this book can help caregivers provide care which not only does this, but may slow the dementia’s progression. Equipped with actual techniques, families are better able to provide the support and resources loved ones need to continue to live in their own familiar surroundings.

The Senior Sleep Solution

The Senior Sleep Solution

The Senior Sleep Solution is the sixth book in our senior wellness collection and offers information on sleep disturbances and helpful approaches for improved sleep.

So much of our bodies change as we age—our sleep patterns are no exception. Research tells us people of every age need to rest well to help rebuild immune systems after the damage of everyday living and allow busy minds a break. Sleep improves memory and performance and a prolonged lack of it not only impairs our ability to learn, it can actually cause our brains to shrink.The thoroughly researched strategies presented in The Senior Sleep Solution include specific steps for seniors with dementia and various sleep disorders. Our aim is to help seniors win the battle for a good night’s slumber.

The Cognitive Therapeutics Method

The Cognitive Therapeutics Method

Cognitive Therapeutics Method™
Dementia has been called the most significant global health challenge of the 21st century. Thus, it is increasingly necessary for scholars and professionals across disciplines who work with older adults to have a thorough understanding of dementia and the types of interventions most effective in addressing associated cognitive and functional decline. A comprehensive and well-researched volume that builds upon the burgeoning interest in the role of neuroplasticity in non-pharmacological interventions for dementia, The Cognitive Therapeutics Method™ is a necessary addition to the library of every scholar, clinician, researcher, and geriatric care professional with an interest in dementia care. Providing a balanced and in-depth analysis of the literature and exploring the evidence around myriad modalities of non-pharmacological interventions targeting problematic behaviors, mood issues, overall functioning, quality of life, and cognitive functioning deficits, the well-edited volume is an important and timely work.

The Brain Boost

The Brain Boost: A Practical Guide to Brain Health

The Brain Boost: A Practical Guide to Brain Health
The Brain Boost: A Practical Guide to Brain Health is the seventh book in our senior wellness series.

Is it possible to rewire the brain to enhance cognitive health as we age? The Brain Boost: A Practical Guide to Brain Health draws on cutting-edge research from the fields of cognitive science, neuropsychology and medicine to show that anyone can boost his or her brain performance through lifestyle changes. Full of fascinating studies—from explorations of the hippocampi of London taxi drivers to the role of the emotional tone of music in enhancing cognitive function in those with Alzheimer’s—The Brain Boost is a highly engaging window into the world of neuroplasticity, or the brain’s ability to reorganize itself throughout an individual’s lifespan to compensate for injury and disease. The Brain Boost offers practical, everyday tips to support brain health and longevity with a healthy diet, regular physical exercise, socialization and challenging cognitive stimulation. Combating the idea that cognitive decline is an inevitable part of aging, this book is a must read for adults of any age eager to harness the power of neuroplasticity to enhance their mental acuity and wellbeing.

The Brain Boost


Comfort Foods Cookbook
A Healthy Twist on Classic FavoritesThe Comfort Foods Cookbook is a labor of love brought to you by the Home Care Assistance family.All of us at Home Care Assistance have the great privilege of serving the daily needs of older adults with quality and compassionate in-home care. An important component of the care and companionship we provide is meal preparation. Families of Home Care Assistance clients have peace of mind knowing that their aging loved ones are eating healthy, varied, nutritious meals prepared fresh and to their tastes.