Parkinson’s Care from the Comfort of Home

We Make Living with Parkinson’s Disease Easier at Home

When Parkinson’s disease robs individuals of their ability to control their movements, Carmichael Home Care Assistance can make life easier at home. Even as symptoms progress, a caregiver can help extend the quality of life of people with Parkinson’s—while also providing respite for the family.

Have you been putting off the idea of looking for an in-home Parkinson’s caregiver for your aging parent or spouse? As with most degenerative diseases, there comes a time when care becomes too much for one person to handle.

For family members who wish to honor their loved one’s wishes by allowing them the ability to remain at home as they age, in-home Parkinson’s caregivers from Home Care Assistance Carmichael/Fair Oaks can make sure they do so safely and happily.

Maintaining Physical Activity

Often the caregiver can help individuals maximize and maintain existing function as long as possible by working with their physical therapist to aid in practicing exercises. Caregivers can also help flexibility through massage or by encouraging other forms of movement.

The Importance of Home

Even in advanced stages, a Home Care Assistance caregiver enables people with Parkinson’s to continue living in the familiar environment of home. Access to favorite foods, pets, possessions and neighbors brings a sense of connection that makes their life more enjoyable.

Our caregivers provide assistance at any stage of the disease – helping accomplish tasks as needed to allow people with Parkinson’s to function as independently as possible.


Home Care Assistance in Carmichael/Fair Oaks is available 24/7 just to talk about your concerns and answer your important questions or to schedule a no cost assessment. Call now to speak with a care manager.