Training to Provide the Best in Client Care

At Home Care Assistance in Carmichael/Fair Oaks, high quality care is our number one priority. We strive to promote a happy and healthy way of life for our clients. We could not do this without excellent caregivers. At Home Care Assistance, caregivers receive both preliminary and on-going training, so they are equipped to confidently and successfully handle all our clients’ needs. Our caregivers are highly experienced and thoroughly screened, but we firmly believe it is our rigorous training that sets them apart.

Home Care Assistance University

We developed the Home Care Assistance University online training portal to give our caregivers the opportunity to continue enhancing their client care skills. Our e-learning platform is unparalleled in the industry and provides state-of-the-art education on topics including dementia care, healthy nutrition, mobility support, and more. Our curriculum is constantly changing to reflect the best practices and cutting-edge research in aging and longevity. Most importantly, the University reminds our employees about the Home Care Assistance vision of healthy mind, body, and spirit for our clients.

Excellent Caregiver

Our caregivers are highly experienced and thoroughly screened, but we firmly believe it is our rigorous training that sets them apart.

Care Team Training

At Home Care Assistance, we have an in-house professional Care Team of Care Coordinators and Client Care Managers that provide training and support for our caregivers. To ensure our Care Team is always aware of the latest trends in senior care, we bring in industry experts to educate them on important caregiving subjects. Our goal is for our professional care team to become experts on specialized subjects themselves so that they can pass on these skills to our caregivers and step in for support when necessary. Recent Care Team Training sessions have included cardiac and stroke training, Alzheimer’s/dementia care, and physical/occupational therapy. Care Team Training represents yet another way we ensure the highest standard of care for our clients.

Pre-Hire Orientation

Before they start their first case, caregivers undergo a Pre-Hire Orientation, which not only introduces our policies and procedures, but gives our Care Team an additional chance to screen unqualified caregivers. At our Pre-Hire Orientation, we introduce caregiver candidates to our Client Care Managers and Care Coordinators and discuss our approach to new cases and client care.

Culinary Training

Home Care Assistance is the only home care agency that provides culinary training for caregivers. We have partnered with a Sur La Table trained chef to teach caregivers basic meal preparation and nutrition to improve their skills and ultimately our clients’ meals. To complement our philosophy of healthy longevity, we even compiled our favorite Balanced Care Method and Super Smoothies Booklet friendly recipes into our Comfort Foods Cookbook for our caregivers and clients to use.

Caregiver Re-Orientation

We believe that the best caregivers continue sharpening their skills throughout their careers, which is why we provide ongoing Caregiver Re-Orientation. We regularly rotate caregivers through this program, which acts as a refresher course about our policies, procedures, and high standards of professionalism. Re-orientation also provides an opportunity to introduce caregivers to new programs and educational materials that may help them advance their skill sets, thus improving our clients’ experiences.