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At Home Care Assistance of Carmichael, we believe in providing superior service to all of our clients. Our commitment to excellence and strong reputation as the live-in specialists make us the premier home care company in North America. Read what our clients are saying about the quality of our care:

Home Care Assist’
Feeling the need to retain both my dignity and my privacy, as an independent 93 year old and living alone, I was at first vehemently opposed to having help of any kind. Mainly I just did not want strangers coming into my home.
I have found that with Home Care my fears are unfounded. The Caregivers do not remain strangers for long, they become friends and I have found this to be so with the people that CARE employ. They are people who really do care.
And best of all there are the people who watch over the day to day running, making sure everything is going well. People who listen when you tell them how you feel and about your concerns. Thank you, Michelle, for taking time to talk with me.
It’s a good feeling to know that CARE is only a phone call away.
Thank you all.

— Morris L Justice

The owner, Ryan, was very helpful to my family during a very difficult time, and we will always be grateful for his loving attitude towards the important work his company does.

Luann Erickson

“This is an excellent home care agency. By far the absolutely the best we have used. Prior to using HomeCare Assistance, we used 4 different agencies. It was felt that all they cared about was to provide whatever caregiver was available. They did very little to try to match our needs. Most of them were so unqualified to help the need of my father. They did the bare minimum. My Mom can be a tough cookie and none of these caregivers could work with her. Most of them were so thin skinned. Calling the office did very little. This put so much stress on my family. I would give these agency a 1 maybe a 2 star.
Now HomeCare Assistance has been complete opposite. Everyone has been so caring and helpful. The owners Debbie and David have come over many many times to check on things. They have been so selective on the caregivers. These caregivers have been so caring and helpful that I have been amazed. They are extremely well trained and qualified. What a difference! Their son Ryan has been incredibly helpful. In the middle of the night he has come over when we needed unexpected help. He has come to the ER when my father needed to be seen and sat with my Mom. Both David and Ryan have driven 2 hrs to meet me at my office to discuss my parents needs. They wanted to have an open communication with me to make sure they are doing all they can not just for my Dad but also my Mom. The office staff have also been great. I want to publicly thank HomeCare Assistance of Placer County for everything!”

— Claude H.

“Great agency! They are responsive and reliable. The staff has been well screened and they accommodate changes as needed. Care assistance for us 6 days a week and thankful we found Home Care assistance.”

— Ginger M.

” Ryan, Jan and the Home Care Assistance team have been providing loving, nurturing care for my mother for over a year and we could not be happier. Jan goes above and beyond to ensure all of our mother’s needs are met as well as providing friendly companionship, Mom actually refers to Jan as her “second daughter”. Knowing our mother is in such good hands has proven a great comfort to the family. I highly recommend Home Care Assistance to anyone considering in-home care for a family member.”

— Steve O.

“ Good honest company! Everybody is so helpful and friendly. Ryan explained to me the whole process so I could easily understand. He took his time to answer any question I had and I never felt rushed. They are truly people you can trust with your loved ones. Until now I have never had to deal with in home care and I didn’t know what to expect. Well I can say I have been pleasantly surprised. Thanks Ryan and the Team!”

— Kyle T.

” Ryan was great when we first met him with our dad. Very professional throughout as he outlined what the company does. They matched my dad up with a perfect aide which made my dad extremely happy. I would wholely recommend this company to anyone who is in this same situation. Very compassionate.”

— Paul Goddard

” We can’t say enough about Home Care Assistance. They were very prompt, understanding and knew exactly how to take care of our Dad.
When we needed to make some changes they were helpful and made the changes without judgement. Their follow up is amazing.
Thank you for everything, most important, Dad loved you all. A true testimony to all who took care of him! These folks are great, caring, thoughtful, quick, helpful and truly understanding. Our family was so blessed to have them partner with us to take care of our father. They are true professionals, if you need help, give them a call.”

— Catherine Goddard

“I cannot say enough positive things about Homecare Assistance of Placer County. Both my mother and father were both medically compromised. My father had heart failure issues and multiple organs failing. Although my mother has liver cancer she is still pretty strong and was able to take care of my father. They were both living in their home by themselves because they did not want to move into an assistant living residence or move in with any of their children. Everyday I was driving back and forth to check up on them, bringing groceries or driving my father to his appointments. As my father’s health started deteriorating it was getting more difficult for my mother and I to take care of him. Enter Ryan Waddell at Homecare Assistance who came to the rescue. From the very beginning, Ryan was very compassionate. Although I was just looking for someone to help my father, Ryan kept my mother in mind as well. She is from the Philippines and is very shy and insecure. She has a difficult time meeting new people and is very guarded with anyone staying in her home for a long period of time. Ryan found someone who was not only a great help to my father but was very compatible with my mother’s sensitive personality. Amy and my mother hit it off from the beginning and it took no time for my mother to become very trusting of her.
Ryan was very professional from the very first time I contacted him. He always updated me and kept my parent’s safety a high priority. One time while I was at work, my mother was stuck at a doctor’s appointment with no ride home because of a miscommunication with her brother. Amy, who was taking care of my father, grew very worried and contacted Ryan. He, in turn, acted upon the situation immediately and found someone to get my mother and bring her home safely.

Even after my father’s passing I received a card stating that they had some trees planted in my father’s name. It was very touching and brought tears to my eyes. Thank you so much Ryan Waddell. You guys are the best company there is in Home Care!”

— Lura Orsino, D.M.D.

” I love working for Home Care Assistance in placer county!!! The people there are so nice always willing to work with your schedule and the clients are wonderful!!! I would recommend them as employers as well as recommend them to my family if they needed a caregiver !!!!”

— Tammy Willis-Lopez

” The service was prompt and the staff was always available to answer my questions or concerns. I appreciated the owners coming over to meet my parents and taking time to learn the needs of my father. The Caregivers were so good with him, and us! Thank you Home Care!”

— Carmen Clegg Bertola

“I have worked for Home Care Assistance for almost 2 years now. The owners, Dave and Debbie Waddel are such great people. They really care for their employees. They definetly have a heart for our seniors. They go the extra mile to make sure that everyone, caregivers and clients have everything they need. I couldn’t be happier with the work I do for this company. Thank you Dave and Debbie for all you do!”

— Colleen Goodrich

” AWESOME SERVICE! They are very easy to work with. Everybody is so caring and helpful. Ryan really took his time setting us up and explaining any questions we had. I didn’t feel like we were being rushed. I have never had to deal with in home care until now and I didn’t know what to expect. I have been pleasantly surprised by our experience. Thanks Ryan!”

— Kyle Turner

“This is a great place to work for. Debbie and Dave are wonderful, compassionate, understanding and caring toward all of their staff and the clients they serve.
If you have a family member that needs assistance but they want to continue to live at their own home, this is an excellent company that will meet all of their needs. All clients are treated with dignity and respect. The caregivers are all trained and have the heart to help your loved one.”

— Aimee Johnson

” We can’t thank Home Care Assistance enough!! They definitely go above and beyond the call of duty. From the moment they meet you and your Person of need. I especially admired, respected and was so very grateful that they actually took the time to introduce themselves to the staff and facility that my mother resides in. It brings great comfort to know that your parent is being treated with compassion and kindness. Thank you Home Care Assistance, Kellie and Jim Malamatenios”
“I have had experience in the past with home care services. Initially the services were good and contacts with the agency was good but after a while the contacts became less frequent. The caregivers began spending more time watching TV and cell-phone usage than taking care of my wife who has advanced Alzheimers. Three times I had to ask for removal.
Home Care Assistance, on the other hand, keeps in good contact with their clients to be sure the clients are getting the good service they are paying for. As an example, in my case recently my wife was in terrible pain from the effects of constipation She was actually shaking and crying so hard she actually bit my shoulder to try to relieve her pain. The caregiver helped relieve her of her pain, bathed her, dressed her, and gave her relieve from the pain. Luckily for me Home Care Assistance has trained caregivers who know how to handle such situations. My wife was so much better after that thanks to Home Care’s methods of selecting qualified caregivers.”

— George Peifer

“My experience with Home Care Assistance has been outstanding. They have worked closely with me and my mom to provide a situation that will allow my mom to stay in her home. It is not always easy to be able to provide appropriate support for our elderly loved ones. Home Care Assistance recognizes this and has worked closely with me to set up a level of support that is working well! I appreciate the fact that they listened carefully to what my mom’s need. I have worked with other agencies in the past and had difficulty in maintaining reliable and appropriate care. Home Care Assistance has been an answer to prayer! The caregiver that has been working hard to establish a positive relationship with my mom and clearly understands the needs and concerns of elderly. She definitely enhances my mom’s life and for that, I am very grateful!.”

— Debbie Stogner

“Anna has been such a great help in caring for our dad. She is hard working and always looking for things to do. She has dad on a schedule for baths and shaving. She also makes sure he has clean sheets on a regular basis. Each morning she cleans his glasses, and gives him a warm wash cloth to wash his face. She has him getting more exercise and has actually gotten him out of the house for field trips. This is something we thought a couple months ago would never happen. He is happy to see her arrive in the morning and sad to see her go in the afternoon. I don’t think we could ask for a better caregiver.”

— T.E., Son of Client

“The help I received from Debbie and Dave at Home Care Assistance at their Granite Bay office and their caretaker (Karen) made my two surgeries in August and the care of my husband (Jacob) so much more comfortable to go through. I would highly recommend their services. With grateful thanks.”

— Mickie Arnold

“We are happy with our two caregivers. They are amazing in every way. We like how we are also taken care of by Dave and Debbie. Thank you.”

— Karen Mansfield

“I am very pleased with the caregivers that have been sent to help with my needs. Both Yesenia Cruz and Crystal Hale have been very helpful. Both are extremely kind and considerate of my situation.”

— Dena Ruyan

“My sincere thanks to you and your staff at Home Care Assistance for coming to my 11th hour rescue back in May. Your Caregiver helped me shower daily, made my bed, prepared meals and did some food shopping, light cleaning and the laundry. She was a gem, always on time, and her manner and demeanor exhibited her many years of experience as an expert Caregiver. She was dependable, calm, caring and trust worthy. I also enjoyed her lovely sense of humor. I also salute you for your flexibility in making the effort to accommodate a prospective client at the “last minute,” as well as your reasonable cost for the excellent care received.”

— Patricia L. Waller, Retired U.S. Diplomat

“Home Care Assistance in Franklin has a very professional staff and wide range of non medical services for families who need personal care services. They are great to work with!”

— Jeff from Franklin, TN

“Home Care Assistance provides a very high level of service to patients and their families. As health care professionals, we most appreciate the quality and experience of their staff. We look forward to continuing to work with Home Care Assistance.”

— Nancy Houston Miller, RN, and Kathy Berra, ANP,
Nurse Care Managers of The LifeCare Company

“Home Care is extremely helpful! They are kind, attentive and very”

Bill from – Franklin, TN

“My sincere thanks to you and your staff at Home Care Assistance for coming to my 11th hour rescue back in May. Your Caregiver helped me shower daily, made my bed, prepared meals and did some food shopping, light cleaning and the laundry. She was a gem, always on time, and her manner and demeanor exhibited her many years of experience as an expert Caregiver. She was dependable, calm, caring and trust worthy. I also enjoyed her lovely sense of humor. I also salute you for your flexibility in making the effort to accommodate a prospective client at the “last minute,” as well as your reasonable cost for the excellent care received.”

— Patricia L. Waller, Retired U.S. Diplomat

“My wife Carol had a hard two-year struggle with incurable cancer, declining steadily until life was hardly more than a pin-hole. The last year I arranged for a caretaker for weekdays, and had help from my daughters, but in the final month they needed help as well and I was no longer able to handle weekends and nights. We contacted Home Care Assistance, who provided round-the-clock attendants. I cannot really find the words to say how wonderful they were: highly competent, comforting and caring, endlessly patient and reassuring. They became family friends. Carol passed away – thankfully, in peace – clutching in her hand a little soft animal that one of the attendants had given her. It was symbolic of the relationship that had developed. I cannot praise and thank them enough.”

— Dr. Noam Chomsky

“Home Care Assistance raises exactly the right banner in promoting The Balanced Care Method as the foundation for all good care. In the rush of medical care systems that focus almost exclusively on problems, The Balanced Care Method encourages an approach which emphasizes creating strengths. For centuries we have known that better health in aging is tied to physical, emotional, social, and spiritual factors. Regardless of diseases, building on these basics of good health matters.
But beyond creating strengths for elders, families that emphasize Balanced Care will come to work together and understand more clearly how to cope with medical problems and illnesses. The secret is in the strength of the foundation of care. The rest then comes into clearer perspective; complex situations and decision-making during this time of life are better understood and engaged. Home Care Assistance is about foundation-building-for elders, families, supportive friends and, ultimately, for your health care team.”

— Dr. Dennis McCullough

Home Care Assistance Carmichael, CA rated 4.9 out of 5 from 6 reviews